Human-like Autonomous Vehicles


Verless is a startup devoted to obtaining data to train Driverless vehicles.

We aim to convert the daily, routine driving of thousands of ordinary people in their own cars into a data-gathering process, and then use this data to train AVs.

The Verless system mimics humans who drive well. It captures a driver’s perception: what the eyes are looking at, and what the ears hear, and correlates this with Actuation: how the hands interact with the steering wheel, and how the foot interacts with the accelerator and brake pedals. Correlating perception with actuation helps deduce brain functioning, and data obtained from this process is then implemented into Autonomous Vehicles.

Starting around 2016, Verless has used bootstrapping funds for intellectual property development, with three granted US patents having been obtained (in 2019 and 2020) covering much of the principles behind data acquisition, event detection, signature extraction and driver scoring. A PCT application is ready to enter National phase in other countries. Several more patent applications have been filed, and numerous additional patent applications are in the pipeline covering various aspects of autonomous vehicle training.

Ashok has degrees in Electrical Engineering (1988), Biomedical Engineering (1994), and Mechanical Engineering (1997), and work experience in the USA and Australia.

The following is a list of some of Ashok’s patenting activity:

Granted Patents:

US 10474916 B2

US 10528837 B1

US 10528836 B1

WO 2019095013 A1

AU 2018267553 B2

Pending Applications

US 16679358  (will be published in April 2020, currently not made public).

US 16679363  (will be published in April 2020, currently not made public).

There are some more patent applications in the process, including Divisionals, Continuations, and Continuations-in-Part.


Ashok Krishnan


PO Box 6808,

Charnwood, ACT 2615,



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